10 Vegan Foundations

I’ve got four brands for you that sell vegan-friendly foundations. I’ve covered a little bit about the brands too so you have a bit more information to help you decide which is best for you. ?

Charlotte Tilbury

If you haven’t heard about Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up, it’s about time that you did! It’s high quality, cruelty-free and has a dedicated vegan range. 

Personally, my favourite part is that with every order, you get to select TWO samples that will be added to your basket and sent with your order. It’s a great way to find the right products for you, or maybe play around with something you wouldn’t normally pick. 

If you are looking for a complete list you can find their vegan-friendly items here. 

Magic Foundation – £32

With 20 shades, you’ll be sure to find something for your skin tone. This foundation is designed to reduce the appearance of acne in 9 weeks and reduce the appearance of age spots by 75%. It provides full-coverage and has SPF15. Buy here.

Light Wonder – £32

Providing light coverage (many shades) for those who want to minimise pores, decrease wrinkles and hydrate, this SPF15 foundation may be the product for you. Buy here.

Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder  – £33

Not everyone is looking for liquid foundation, so this loose powder is a good choice as it’s made with 99% unscented, natural, raw ingredients. It helps blur imperfections, reduce appearance of dark shadows and provides a matte finish. Buy here.

The Body Shop

Another ethical choice is The Body Shop. They are cruelty-free, all their products are vegetarian and half of them are vegan. They currently have £10 off £30 with a code on their website, and also have free delivery over £20!

If you’d like to browse all their vegan products, click here.

Shade Adjusting Drops – £11

Ok so these are for your foundation, but had to be included. I think we’ve all got foundations hanging around that aren’t quite the right shade. These drops help to lighten, or darken your existing foundation so it doesn’t go to waste! Buy here.

All-In-One Instablur Universal – £15

This foundation acts as face protector, controls shine, blurs pores and smooths the appearance of skin. You can wear it as a base before applying other foundation to extend the wear of your make-up, or as a foundation itself. Buy here.

Fresh Nude Foundation – £16

The Bodyshop have created 16 shades in this foundation which is enriched with rose water and aloe vera. It’s SPF 25 so protects your skin from the sun and provides a light to medium coverage which is semi-matte. Buy here.

Matte Clay Skin Clarfiying Foundation – £10

Available in 13 shades, this ultra-lightweight vegan foundation contains tea tree oil and provides a full coverage with a matte finish. It also claims a 24 hours coverage. Buy here.


Lavera are certified organic, are against animal testing and all products are 100% free from synthetic preservatives, perfumes and colourants. Only some of their range is vegan (and certified by The Vegan Society), however they have a number of foundations that are suitable for the v-gang. 

These products are sold through Only Naturals which offers free delivery on orders over £15. Given they have a whole vegan section with heaps of products, this won’t be hard to do. 

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation – £14.90

This foundation comes with Green Anti-Pollution Complex and is suitable for all skin types. Minerals subtly reflect the light, leaving you with a fresh look. Buy here.

Lavera 2-in-1 Compact Foundation – £14.90

This powder has pigments and ingredients that provide a creamy foundation in a range of shades (although fewer than many options above). It has a velvety matt finish, with medium to full coverage, so works well on blemishes and redness. Buy here.


This European brand provides cruelty-free  products and a range of vegan make-up. All products are paraben free which is good news for our skin. 

The 3 in 1 Foundation – £19.95

Another brand that caters for a large variety of skintones, this foundation has 15 options. It is SPF15, and provides a full coverage. Buy here.

Found a foundation that’s suitable? Perfect! Why not take a look at 10 Vegan Nail Varnishes.

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