10 Vegan Nail Varnishes

The great news is that quite a few of these vegan nail varnishes are high-street purchases, which always make things easier. Also, there are so many colours to choose from! I’ve listed whether it’s a brand with a specific vegan range, or whether you can pick from all of their varnishes next to the brand name.

1) Barry M – Vegan Range

Barry MYay! Lot’s of exciting nail varnishes with fun effects can be found in the Barry M vegan range, as with other brands, just be careful to ensure the collection you are looking at is all veegz. Their range may not be as wide-ranging as others, but with chrome, glitter, cracked finishes, I’m sold. Check out their range on the Barry M website and try and pick your favourite up at Boots or Superdrug. 

2) Beauty without Cruelty –  All Nail Varnish

Beauty Without CrueltyOk if you are looking for a wide range of colours – this is what you’ve been looking for! When I went onto their website, they have their ranges in colour palettes and I counted over 50 shades in total. All of them are approved by The Vegan Society. You can browse direct here, or on Amazon here. 

3) Nails Inc – Vegan Range

Nails Inc


Just a note to ensure you filter by vegan on the website, as not all Nails Inc products are vegan friendly. Now we’ve got that out the way, check them out on Amazon and treat yourself to a new Nails Inc breathable vegan polish. 


4) Zoya – All Nail Varnish Zoya

Vegan and free from the main toxic offenders, Zoya offers polish in grey, mauve and purple tones. As these are from Holland and Barrett, you can place the order online and as long it’s over £10, it’s free collection from a store. 

5) Maggie Anne – All Nail Varnish

Maggie AnneThe website is worth visiting just for the background videos of flying nail varnishes, it’s a bit mesmerising! Again, there’s plenty of choice and they have chrome and holographic finishing effect polishes too. All vegan and toxin-free, you can visit their website here, or buy them on Amazon here. 


6) Seren London – All Nail Varnish

Seren LondonAnother company with varnishes certified by The Vegan Society, who have over 40 colours to pick from. I think their pricing is pretty good and you’ll find lots of great beauty products on here if you are on a budget. Browse their colours here, or purchase from Amazon here. 

7) Pacifica – All Nail Varnish



Vegan and toxic-free nail varnish options are all over this list. Choose from a variety of colours that range from the sensible shades to the glittery. Another Holland and Barrett purchase. 


8) GOSH – Vegan Range 

GOSHI found a list of vegan products on their FAQs, which included ‘Nail Lacquer – Frosted’ and ‘Nail Lacquer – Specialised’. These are both ranges which provide plenty of choice and GOSH are certified as cruelty-free by PETA. So maybe pop into your nearest Superdrug and see if they have either range, or check them out online. 

9) Autograph – Vegan Range

AutographFragrance, paraben and alcohol free, this M&S Flash Gel Nail Varnish has a step 1 and step 2. First apply your red colour and then apply the flash gel top coat and viola! Your M&S vegan manicure will be complete. You can purchase them online here. 


10) Zao – All Nail Varnish


Zao have been certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty-Free International, COSMOS Organic to name a few. Their nail varnishes cannot be bought directly and won’t be found on the high street, so this one requires a click through to Amazon if you’d like to explore their range. 


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