Beautiful Vegan Boots

Boots are my guilty pleasure. I’ve found myself needing a new pair of vegan boots so have had the pleasure of searching the internet to see what’s selling this season. I’ve come across some great options, so through I’d share them with you! 

Free People

Free People offer choice from heeled to flat boots. If you are one for getting distracted, why not add some of their vegan clothing or bags to your order? If you decide to take a look around their website, just be sure to search ‘vegan’ as not all of their items are vegan.

Free People Knee High Boots
Tall Boot, £118, various colours.


Free People Platform Boot
Platform Boot, £108, various colours.


Free people Dr Martens
Dr Martens, £148, cherry red



Schuh have 20 vegan boot options, which is pretty impressive for a general high street retailer, so kudos to Schuh. You have the option of home delivery, or free click and collect from your local store.

Schuh Stronger Boots
Stronger Boots, £45, black.


Schuh Dr Martens Chrome 2
Dr Martens in Chrome, £115, various colours.


Schuh Black Dazzle
Dazzle Boots, £45, black.


Schuh Leopard Print
Dilemma Boots, £45, leopard print.



Toms have a limited range of boots, but these quilted boots come in three colours and have a faux shearling lining. They also have some cute little boots for children. One of the reason’s Toms is making the list (despite the limited range) is their One for One policy, where every time a pair of shoes is bought, they help a person in need. Just like Free People, be sure to search for vegan shoes if you look at other shoes on their site. 

TOMS Quilted boot
Quilted Boots, £55, various colours.



Will’s is a carbon-neutral and certified by The Vegan Society. You also have 365 days if you’ve changed your mind and would like to return an item, I’m sure this is pretty unlikely though as their boots are BEAUTIFUL. This is where I found my new boots!

Wills Dock Shoes
Dock Boots, £82, various colours.


Chelsea Boots, £95, various colours.


Wills Knee High Boots
Knee High Boots, £104, various colours.


Alternative Stores

This store offers great value for money and holds a lower price tags than some of the other boots on here, at £40-£50. ALL of their shoes and boots are vegan which means you can search to your hearts content! 

Alternative Stores - Brown Boot
High Leg Boots, £48, various colours.


Alternative Stores -Tan Brown Ankle Boot
Heeled Ankle Boot, £44, various colours.


Alternative Stores - Black Boots
Biker Boots, £44, black.


So much choice right?! If you are still in the shopping mood, why not check browse the Top 10 Vegan Nail Varnish options.

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