Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Presents for Pets

No-one wants to leave their pet out of a special occasion. Whether it’s a new bow-tie you’d like to dress your dapper dog in, or some wine for your classy cat, you can find the purrrrfect vegan pet gifts below.


Cookery Book for Dogs

Dog Cookbook


You read that correctly…Plant Based Recipes for Dogs – 166 pages for you to get to grips with. That means there’s no need for your dog to miss out on a special Christmas dinner! Time to get cooking.





Have your pooch looking smart with this adorable pastel bow tie! It’s vegan and produced by the KoKo collective who are all about ethical accessories for people and pets.



Collar and BraceletYou and your pet can have a matching collar and bracelet made from hemp and packaged in a carbon neutral gift box. I LOVE THIS IDEA! FYI, the product is actually from the US, but can be purchased through Amazon.



Dog Treats

Pawtato Treats

This Vegan Society Approved Pawtato Pack comes with 4 packs for variety. They are healthy and have (literally) gone down a treat according to many owners! Buy yours here.


Dog Chew


This V-dog Jumbo Chew is peppermint and parsley flavoured and is super tough. Most importantly, you also get the added benefit of your dogs fresh breath after….bonus!


Frog Chew


A dog chew that’s vegan, eco-friendly and most importantly – shaped like a frog. 


Toys for Tiny Pets

Animal Toy


Rosewood products ensure we don’t forget the smaller pets! These balls are made from natural seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan. You can hide small treats in them, bury them or let your furry friends nibble on them all day long. Purchase them as an add-on item via Amazon here.

Hay Box


And we have another Rosewood item on the list. This is a hay coated box…filled with hay. This means they will keep themselves entertained for even longer while they eat it, climb it and nest in it. Cute! 




Some genius came up with the idea of Pawsecco, which is suitable for cats and dogs. So, all you need to do now is get some in and the two of you can have a celebratory night in! Pawsecco can be bought in white or rose here. 



Pawsecco Freeze Pops


The freeze pops are a perfect alternative if your pet needs cooling down in the summer or loves
ice cubes. Get your hands on them here. 



Tree Decoration

Pet Tree Decoration


A beautiful bamboo tree decoration that’s personalised with your pet’s name. In addition to the name, you can selection the animal shapes which include dogs, animals, fish, horses and ducks. Quackers.


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