Vegan-Friendly Gifts

If you are vegan…

You could be here as you want to purchase something for a friend that doesn’t go against your lifestyle choice, in which case there’s plenty of options below that don’t necessarily scream ‘VEGANISM!’ in their face!

However, maybe you are planning on sending this list to someone to make sure a gift you receive will tick your vegan ethics box. If that’s the case, I hope this list is helpful and you receive a lovely cruelty-free gift as a result of you giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction. 

If you are looking for a gift for a vegan…

Welcome! I hope this page provides some creative ideas that will suit your vegan family member/friend/partner/neighbour/colleagues’s gift requirements, I’m sure it will also provide you with extra brownie points for being so thoughtful! Enjoy exploring and we hope you find something perfect for the special vegan in your life.

Sweet Treat Hampers


Green and Blacks allow you to create your own delicious hamper, meaning you can select their favourite chocolate and select your wrapping style. At the time of writing, all of their dark chocolate bars (with the exception of burnt toffee) are vegan. Create your own Green and Black’s Hamper here.



Alternatively you could give them a selection if different chocolates, and you might just introduce them to a new favourite! The Yummy Palette offer 12 chocolate bars in a hessian sack that also means it’s already wrapped. Sorted. You can buy The Yummy Palette’s hamper here. 


A Vegan Friendly Experience

Buy A Gift have a number of dining out options that state that vegan options are available. My personal favourite is the ‘Three Course Meal with a Glass of Wine for Two’ at Prezzo. They have a set vegan menu which has numerous choices and when I went there, they were super flexible and allowed us to have any vegan option on the full menu, rather than just off the set menu! The ‘official’ options are more than adequate though and the food was super yummy. Buy your dining out voucher here. 

A Subscription Box

Everyone loves a surprise, and vegans are no exception – discovering new vegan items is hella exciting. The Vegan Kind offer one-off subscription boxes, or flexile subscription plans from 3 – 12 months. Why not extend Christmas for the lucky recipient and purchase a 3 month subscription so those vegan goodies drop into their lap well into next year. You even have the choice of lifestyle or beauty boxes, so you can pick the one most suitable. Check out your subscription options here.

A Pamper Kit

With the Body Shop providing an excellent variety of cruelty free products, you can create a bespoke mix and match pamper kit. Just remember to filter by vegan friendly on the left-hand side when searching for products and remind your vegan recipient that you’ve only picked products they’d approve of to win you those extra brownie points! You can browse their vegan friendly items here. 


A Handbag or Purse


The good news is that there’s plenty of vegan handbag options that don’t have to break the bank. The Lovely Things have a range of bags and handbags that start from £18. Materials range from cork to faux leather and all are 100% vegan. To top it off, they even donate a percentage of profits to animal charities monthly. Check out their range of bags here.



Majestic sell a variety of vegan wines, so whether it’s red, white, prosecco or even Champagne, they’ve got you covered.  Get your hands on a variety of vegan-friendly wines here.




Vegan friendly beer brewed in East London with four unique beers is perfect for the beer lover in your life. These are available from John Lewis and can be bought here.  




This vegan friendly cider (which is also gluten free) is another John Lewis special. You can buy the gift pack of 6 ciders here. 




A Jewellery Box

Stackers Jewellery boxes are a total luxury and ever since I’ve had mine, I’ve certainly looked after my jewellery better as I can see what I own and enjoy not having to detangle things everyday! The good news is that Stackers offer PU Vegan Leather, so maybe surprise your vegan with something unexpected. You can buy this from notonthehighstreet.com here. 


Soy Candles


These lovely things don’t contain beeswax so are sat waiting to be bought for your candle-loving friend. Luscious patterned aromatherapy candles come in a gift box, have 120 hours burning time and will brighten up any winter evening. Amazon sell these here.




La Jolie Muse offers a more classic scented candle, which burns for 60 hours and comes in a lovely box. You can buy this gorgeous white candle here.



Being vegan beings a whole new perspective on food, meaning there’s an opportunity to discover new recipes and methods of cooking and baking. There’s a whole host of cookery books to choose from, however Bosh! has out sold all of the rest and for good reason. You might even get an invite for tea and homemade fudge cake if you’re lucky. You can buy Bosh! from here. 


Finally….A Vegan Card

Vegan CardAfter going to all the trouble of seeking out an ethical present you couldn’t write in a standard card now could you? I promise us vegans have a good sense of humour and a vegan related card would be the perfect icing on the (vegan) cake. Browse  vegan greeting cards here. 




Looking for gifts for a pet? Check out some suggestions for presents for furry friends here!

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