2018 Vegan Advent Calendar Inspiration

December is fast approaching which means it’s time to pick the all important advent calendar. Here are six advent calendars that are (of course) all vegan, which now just leaves you to decide which one you like the most. 🙂 

Hotel Chocolat, Dark Chocolate – £12.50


If it’s guaranteed dark chocolate goodness you are looking for, then you know that Hotel Chocolate won’t let you down. 



John Lewis, 24 Days of Tea  – £20

I know not everyone is a fan of chocolate advent calendars, so it’s only right to include something a little different. This tea advent calendar is perfect for starting those cold December mornings with a different cup of tea. 



Holland and Barrett, Dairy Free – £4 

At £4, this calendar is a little more friendly on the bank account. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out, in fact it’s also fair-trade  and organic which certain makes it a strong contender. 



Moo Free, Dairy Free – £4.99

I’m excited about this one having discovered moo chocolate this year and I can’t wait to try out their advent calendar (family/friends if you happen to be reading this please feel free to gift me one…or a few). It’s also organic and can be ordered from Ocado. 



Montezumas, Organic and Vegan Dark Chocolate – £9.99

Organic dark chocolate is wrapped up in this snow themed calendar. I’ve never tried their chocolate personally, but their reviews rave about it being the ‘best start to Christmas’. 



Candy Kittens, Less Sprouts More Sweets – £12

This one is for the sweet lovers amongst us. Candy Kittens are treating us to a variety of their gourmet creations which include strawberry, watermelon and blueberry flavours. Sweeeeeet…




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