Unique Vegan Drinks To Have In This Christmas

There is absolutely no-way I’m being left out of the Christmas drinking this year, whether that’s a glass (or two…or three) of wine or a cozy hot chocolate. Given it’s Christmas, it seems like the time to stock up on some interesting vegan drinks! You’ll find them split into alcoholic and non-alcoholic so there’s something for everyone.

Bailey’s Almanda Dairy Free Liquer

Vegan Baileys

Alcoholic ✅

Thought it was best to start with a strong contender! This dairy-free and gluten-free drink is a lovely indulgence this Christmas time. You can order it here on Amazon, but most supermarkets are stocking this!

Yogi Christmas Teabags

Yogi Christmas TeaNon-Alcoholic ❌

I mean it actually has Christmas in the name, so it had to make the list. This Ayervedic blend of spices will give the perfect winter feel. You can also enjoy knowing that Yogi Tea supports a Not For Profit organisation in India, supporting various aid projects. Get your tea from Amazon, or alternative pop into Holland and Barrett.

Strawberry and Peach Bubble Balls for Prosecco

Prosecco bubble balls

Non-Alcholic ❌(✅)

SO excited about this idea – perfect for parties. You add a tea spoon of these bubbles to your Prosecco and after 5 minutes or so they start to float to the top of your glass. When you drink them they add flavour to your drink and can be used in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Buy them from Amazon here. They have other flavours designed for gin and vodka if that’s your preferred tipple.

Fentimans Curiosity Cola 

Fentimans Cola


Non-Alcoholic ❌

This unique take on cola certainly has a throw back element in it’s packaging. This might make a nice change from the usual stuff (but Coca Cola is vegan too). This can be purchased on Greenbay, or can be picked up at your local supermarket, such as Asda, Sainsbury’s . 


Left Field Kombucha No.3 Oolong

Left Field No.3 beer

Non-Alcoholic ❌

The ‘beer without the hangover’. Raw, vegan, gluten-free, low sugar and low calories, their list goes on! Why not buy a pack of 6 for the designated drivers/non-drinkers/raw vegans from Amazon here.

Cairn Strawberry Wine

Cairn Strawberry WineAlcoholic ✅

The first thing I checked when I saw this was the alcohol contained, concerned it would be one of those low-alcoholic wines. I’m pleased to report that it’s 11% so this fizzy strawberry wine seems like a great place to start getting merry. This is another Greenbay purchase.

Turmerlicious Turmeric Latte Choco


TurmerliciousNon-Alcoholic ❌

Why not treat yourself to a tumeric latte indoors without having to pop out in the cold to your local cafe. Each serving contains your daily turmeric serving and promises no refined sugar. Turmeric Latte to purchase here on Amazon , or from Holland and Barrett and Ocado. 

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine


Belvoir Winter PunchNon-Alcoholic ❌

Belvoir hand-make their wines so expect a punch of elderberry, blackcurrant and orange juice, with spices to top it all off. A great alternative for this who won’t be drinking this festive period. This can be purchased from The Vegan Kind, or via Amazon. 

Bateman’s Mocha and Chocolate Beer

Bateman's BeerAlcoholic 

Fresh coffee and chocolate beans have been used to create an interesting, winter feel beer. Sainsbury’s sell this unique tasting beer, so head down and pick some up in your Christmas Shop and have something a bit different on the beer front this year.


Sweet Revolution – Organic Instant Hot Chocolate 

Sweet Revolution Hot ChocolateNon-Alcoholic ❌

Fuss-free hot chocolate, because there’s already enough to think about! Often you have to heat up your milk for vegan hot chocolate. However, with Sweet Revolution’s, you just add water to this three ingredient hug in a mug and your frothy hot chocolate will be ready. It’s also gluten-free. Purchase it at The Vegan Kind here.

Shloer Pink Bubbles

Shloer Pink Bubbly

Non-Alcoholic ❌

Pink non-alcoholic bubbly, that even has a cork for you to pop!  This is widely available at places such as Asda, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s. 



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