Quick Guide: New Vegan Starter Kit

Have an Amazon Account? Great! I’ve pulled together a vegan starter kit of 6 items to help you on your way!

Before we go ANY further I just want to make something SUPER clear. You don’t need to buy anything special to become vegan. It’s all about your outlook and mindset. These items below are there to help you on your way and to point you in the right direction. Ok moving on…

The New Vegan Cookbook

The New Vegan Cookbook

Your style of cooking and recipes are about to change and Aine Carlin has crafted the perfect cook book for new vegans. It’s non-judgemental (gets my vote) and provides simple tips for those transitioning into veganism. She uses ingredients that are easy to source and even teaches you how to make some of your own vegan-friendly beauty products. Bonus!

Buy yours here.

VEG1 Multi vitamins

Veg1 Blackcurrrent or Orange Multivitamins

The Vegan Society are a fountain of knowledge and recommend these chewy multi-vitamins as they cover the key vitamins such as B12, B6, B2, Folic Acid and Vitamin D. It’s especially important to take supplements at the beginning as you may not be as up to speed with nutritional value of certain vegan food. You have the option of a 3 or 6 month supply, with blackcurrrent or orange flavour. And you thought your choices would be limited now you were vegan…? Buy yours here. 

Snack Attack Hamper

Vegan Snack Attack Luxury Hamper

I’d say it’s time to reward yourself for going vegan! You now get to explore the pleasures of vegan chocolate, sweets and snacks! The great thing about this hamper, is that you get to try lots of different brands, so you can work out which are your favourites early on for when you are having your sugar cravings.

Buy yours here.

Naturya Powder

Naturya Organic Green Superfood Powder

I love this stuff (to the point that I’ve gifted it to a friend. Yes I gifted green powder). I’m also always surprised how long it lasts! It’s an easy way to ensure you get your fill of those all-important greens! It’s rich in Iron, Zinc, Protein, Fibre, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, making it a perfect addition to the supplements above. I add it to my morning smoothie and occasionally drink it with a little milk as a shot – but it’s much better blended with a smoothie.

Buy yours here.

Faith in Nature Shampoo and Conditioner

Faith in Nature is a great place to start with your vegan-friendly haircare. It’s sold in so many places, making it really easy to get your hands on more when you run out. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, free from parabens and has a variety of fragrances, so if coconut is not your favourite, you can crack on exploring the rest.

Buy yours here.

Vegan Badge Pack

Vegan Badge Pack

These might be a fun add-on if you happen to be buying something else! 

Buy yours here.

Ready to read some more info on veganism? I’d recommend heading over to the Quick Guide: New Vegan FAQs for some more info to ease you in.

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